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Most existing financial apps are overloaded with too many pages and too much stuff. This ends up under-serving the everyday investor. What is valuable in an app is getting to the point, and Stockodds does it with one click. Simply input your stock symbol, hit enter and see the odds.

The Stockodds app will be free, and will work with iPhone and Android.

Odds for stocks are calculated daily. The calculation assumes:
  1. Short trends in stock price movement reverse more often than long trends.
  2. Short trends backed by increasing volume reverse less often than trends with fading volume.
  3. Short trends backed by the overall market reverse less often than trends against the market.
These three factors are easy to understand. Stockodds employs them in a proprietary way, and reports results clearly.

Our logic does not review a company's financial status, management, products or services. It is not a subjective "opinion" about the future. Stockodds reads only the technical action of each particular stock.

But why a smartphone app and not a webpage?

The game changed last February when Facebook paid billions for WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp was losing money, Facebook wanted to get connected to the millions of WhatsApp users around the world. In the new game high traffic means high value. Stockodds is built for high traffic, as it is free, easy to use and relevant for all stock investors.

Stockodds is only our first investment app. More are in planning stages.

To offer feedback about Stockodds, request the initial version of the app, or be on our weekly mailing list, contact Pat O'Neil at, or 612-879-0039.

Adam White offers a diverse experience in the investment field, with a focus on technical analysis. He was the founder and editor of the former Investors Timing Service newsletter; has freelanced for Technical Analysis and Futures magazines; and his technical indicators are featured in investment software. Adam presently teaches analytic philosophy, with a focus on ethics, including business ethics. He is completing his Ph. D., writing on international political authority.

Pat O'Neil dropped out of college and began working unloading boxcars and trucks. He studied the stock market at night in the Minneapolis Public Library and in 1995 began trading stocks. In 1999 CNBC put him on TV to pick stocks. Pat's unique "trucking to stocks" story appeared in Money Magazine, the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and CBS radio. Pat left stocks in 2002 and went into real estate, thereby causing the real estate crash of 2008. Today, Pat and Adam are designing 1 click investing software.
Our next 2 apps coming under

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SlowFrequencyTrading - 1 Click calculation of which life essential, S&P 500 stocks are the best value for a 1 year trade based on a company's fundamentals including: Managment talent, financial strength, cyclical market rotation, accumulation by institutional investors and timing.